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E Marking Certification


Hopelmar are accredited as a technical service by the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) - UK to assist with the application of the E mark against ECE Regulations and the e mark against EEC Directives.

The certification process covers components intended for use on vehicles in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the Geneva-based United Nations organisation (ECE).

At present the scheme is mandatory for components intended for use on new road vehicles, off road vehicles and agricultural tractors.

Hopelmar offer this service for the following product types: 

  • - Vehicle Lighting - (head lamp, tail lamp, etc) - R112|R113|R6|R3|R7 etc
  • - Vehicle Glass - R43
  • - Electronic Equipment (EMC) - R10
  • - Motor Cycle Helmets - R22
  • - External Rear View Mirrors - R46
  • - Vehicle Tyres - ECE R30|R54|R75|R106|R117
  • - Brake Lining - Brake Pads - R90
  • - Seat Belt - R16
  • - Seats - R17|R14
  • - Horn - R28
  • - Fuel Tank - (plastic fuel tank / metalic fuel tank) - R34
  • - CNG / LPG - R110|R67
  • - Wheel Rim - R124

E approval is a combination of product testing, which can be carried out by Hopelmar on behalf of the VCA and an audit of an implemented quality management system, which is carried out by the VCA directly.

If you are a new client for E approval you will need to complete a COP pack to inform the VCA of your application for E approval. 

If you would like to have your products and devices tested to meet the requirements of this directive or scheme by one of the most widely respected organizations in the world, talk to us today. Our consultants are ready to help.

Please contact our Customer Support for detail information..!!