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SNI Application and Documentation Requirement

Registrants will receive Product Certification Application Form which must be completed and submitted to the SNI Certification Body. Registrants will also need to prepare :

  1. Deed of Company
  2. Company Profile
  3. Industrial Permit
  4. NPWP Company
  5. Brand Registration
  6. Technical Image and Circuit Diagram
  7. Product Photos
  8. List of raw materials / components and supporting major.
  9. Flowchart of Production Process
  10. Quality Inspection Plan
  11. List of test equipment and calibration plan
  12. Product Label
  13. Manual Operation, Service, Installation Instructions etc.
  14. Organizational Chart
  15. Quality Manual Company and operating procedures.
  16. Certificate of ISO 9001: 2008 


  1. Jasa Sertifikasi SNI Produk Luar Negeri (Import)
  2. Jasa Sertifikasi SNI Produk Dalam Negeri
  3. Pendaftaran SPB (NPB) & NRP 


  1. Daftar Produk SNI Wajib 
  2. SNI Certification Process
  3. Persyaratan Sertifikasi SNI Produk
  4. Hak dan Kewajiban Pemegang Sertifikat SNI Produk
  5. Pembekuan dan Penghentian Sertifikat SNI

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