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Welcome to Hopelmar


Hopelmar is prepared to assist you in all your quality and safety needs, when and wherever required. Our dedicated staff is committed to being responsive and delivering the highest level of service to all of our clients. All employees of Hopelmar have the experience and equipment necessary to successfully accomplish all required tasks.

With the motto "Safety Matters" we are offering safety consulting, safety suppliessafety servicessafety training, including quality and environmental management consulting for all industries and all types of organization.

We believe the safety is an integral part of our everyday lives at work as well as at home. Safety is our business. It is not a side line, hobby or division of an unrelated company. We are a safety business 24/7 and your safety is our primary focus

We not only sell safety products and services, we provide the resources to help you understand and make the right choices for your safety needs. We always strives to exceeded  customer expectations, make a continuous improvements to achieve maximum quality for customer satisfaction, safety, health and environmental protection and cost effectiveness.

Hopelmar also provide Product Certification services such SNI Marking - CE Mark - E Marking and also Vehicle Type Approval services to proving your product has meets the International Standards or National Standard of Indonesia and allowed your product to compete in Indonesian market reach.

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