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Gas Detector


BWbwWith a full line of portable and stand-alone instruments, BW Technologies by Honeywell has brought safety to the forefront. We use the latest in sensor technology and field-proven principles to provide peerless detection of toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards. Our feature-rich detectors are designed for ease of use, intuitive operation and extraordinary cost of ownership advantages. 

BW gas detection equipment is built to last with low-maintenance versatility and user-friendly features. BW gas detection equipment protects both personnel and the facilities where they work. 



For many years, Dräger Safety has been one of the technology leaders in gas detection. Our in-house research generates products which set new standards in terms measurement accuracy, application and durability. Dräger gas detection instruments are capable of detecting even very low concentrations of hazardous gases. 


Dräger is a leader in the field of gas detection technology, and Dräger sensors can detect hundreds of toxic and flammable gases and vapours. All over the world, our expertise is relied on to protect people from injury and property from damages in numerous industrial applications.

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A gas detector is a device that detects the presence of various gases within an area, usually as part of a system to warn about gases that may be dangerous for humans to your workforce..

There are various types ranging from simple single gas detectors to portable gas detector system fixed cover a large area and incorporates several fixed sensors.

Types of Gas Detectors :

  1. Portable Gas Detection
  2. Fixed Gas Detection
  3. Area Gas Detection
  4. Wireless Gas Detection

Hopelmar provide Gas Detection System, package equipment including:

  1. Fixed Point Detection dan Monitoring System with Multi Sensor
  2. Portable Single dan Multi Gas Detection System
  3. Sirene dan Sistem Alarm Peringatan yang Explosion Proof 

Our service consists of the installation and commissioning of fixed point monitoring systems, calibration, maintenance and replacement of parts of both portable and fixed detectors. Rental and Sales of equipment at a reasonable price.


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