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For many years, Dräger Safety has been one of the technology leaders in gas detection. Our in-house research generates products which set new standards in terms measurement accuracy, application and durability.

Dräger gas detection instruments are capable of detecting even very low concentrations of hazardous gases. Dräger is a leader in the field of gas detection technology, and Dräger sensors can detect hundreds of toxic and flammable gases and vapours. All over the world, our expertise is relied on to protect people from injury and property from damages in numerous industrial applications.

Sophisticated electronics with SMART sensor technology with robust housings in a hallmark of our portable gas detection range. Features such as self monitoring software, internal data logging, flexible calibration options and a range of internal or external pumps, allow us to tailor-make a solution for every need.

Here you'll find only a selection of our products. For more information please contact us.

Dräger X-act 5000, X-zone 5000, X-am 2000, 5000 and 5600, PAC 7000, Tubes & CMS, Aerotest Alpha and Polytron 7000


Draeger offers a wide variety of gas detection products to provide warning on the dangerous substances in the workplace environment including carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and oxygen. 

All in one automatic tube pump X-act 5000

  • ~ Complete solution for measuring and sampling with high performance automatic tube pump
  • ~ Decreased measuring time with innovative pump technology
  • ~ Reliable results with handling of aerosols, gases and vapours

Intelligent area monitoring X-zone 5000

  • ~ Portable detection ability for measurements of up to 6 gases
  • ~ Clear audio and visual alert warnings
  • ~ Long lasting 24 Ah battery option for 120 hours of continuous monitoring protection

Compact personal monitoring X-am 2000 Multi Gas Detection System

  • ~ Highest ingress protection rating of any gas detector and XXS sensors of IP 67
  • ~ Compact design combines reliability monitor O2, H2S, CO with combustible gases in ambient air
  • ~ Water and shock protection for longevity

Innovative X-am 5000 personal gas detectors

  • ~ Portable design features with simple control panel and reduced weigh
  • ~ Versatile sensor exchange to customise and calibrate to other gases
  • ~ Durable poison resilient sensors last for more than 4 years

Ergonomic X-am 5600 for compact gas detection

  • ~ Robust and single hand operated accurately detects up to 6 gases
  • ~ Rubber boot for dust and waterproof resilience for use in harsh environments
  • ~ Single or dual IR Ex sensor technology for quick, reliable results

Small and powerful, Pac 7000 Single Gas Detector for personal monitoring in the workplace

  • ~ Offers a high level of reliability and rapid warning against 14 harmful concentrations with gas inflow from top and front
  • ~ Visual, audible and vibration alarm with continuous concentration display 
  • ~ Fast reacting XXS sensors for complete safety

Cost Saving Chip Measurement System (CMS) and Tubes

  • ~ Portable and easy to handle for accurate field measurements
  • ~ Rapid measurement times for immediate results
  • ~ Accurate analysis with sensitive gas technology

Low pressure air purity measurements with Aerotest Alpha

  • ~ Intelligently calculated breathing air purity measurements 
  • ~ Detects pollutants with precision results in 5 minutes
  • ~ Confidence in design with EN12021 classification

Safe continuous monitoring for toxicity Polytron 7000

  • ~ Sophisticated sensors detect over 100 dangerous gases for continuous safety monitoring
  • ~ Large digital display face for operational ease and efficiency 
  • ~ Remote sensor capability of up to 30 metres for convenience 

Developed Dräger single and multi gas detectors deliver accurate result and warning alerts for safer environments against dangerous gases.